Chanchal Chowdhury Embraces Exciting Transformation for New Film: ‘Last Defenders of Monogamy’

Bdsangbad Desk

Celebrated Bengali actor Chanchal Chowdhury has embarked on an intriguing cinematic journey with his latest project, the web film “Last Defenders of Monogamy,” directed by Mostafa Sarwar Farooki. Known for his versatility, Chanchal has undergone a striking physical makeover for this role, featuring a mustache and longer hair that perfectly encapsulates the character.

The actor shared, “I’ve dedicated the past 2-3 months to preparing for this film. While not a traditional new venture, the role demanded a change in appearance.”

Chanchal’s collaboration history with director Mostafa Sarwar Farooki is a pivotal aspect of his career. With works like “Television” and the web series “Ladies and Gentleman,” the actor regards Farooki’s influence as significant. Chanchal expressed, “Farooki’s creations have a profound impact, and I’m confident that this new film will pleasantly surprise the audience.”

Delving into his character, Chanchal maintained a sense of mystery, revealing, “I won’t divulge too much about the storyline or character; it’s something viewers should discover in due time. What I can assure is that ‘Monogamy’ presents a unique narrative, and my character mirrors that distinctiveness.”

When it comes to selecting projects, the discerning actor shared insights into his meticulous process, stating, “I choose projects with great care, cherry-picking from a pool of opportunities. My artistic instincts guide me in deciding which endeavors to undertake.”

Reflecting on his journey post-“Monpura,” Chanchal elucidated, “I’ve never rushed decisions; instead, I’ve allowed them to evolve over time.”

Having garnered acclaim in both the OTT and film domains, Chanchal Chowdhury’s ascent began in the realm of drama.

Asked about his fortunes in the film industry, the actor pondered briefly before responding with conviction, “You shape your own destiny. Actions pave the way, and I wholeheartedly believe in that philosophy.”